Wander bravely through uncertain times.

Labyrinth is a large-scale, follow-the-path show. Entering one at a time, audience pass by incredible visual art pieces, interacting and conversing with performers who have intimate personal conversations unique to each guest. They encounter music and moments of solitude. There are periods of reflection and areas of the path teeming with sound art or video installations. As the individual continues, they discover they are the lead character in a story full of hope.

The walls are theatrical flats, open to the ceiling half the time, with overhead archways and tunnels throughout. Set in a large storefront, the path gently meanders through a labyrinth and concludes at a meeting place with party vibes.

The story metaphorically follows the journey of life: birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, elder years. At the end of the path, one has the opportunity to write down a weight one has been carrying or a wish on a slip of paper. The participant sets the slip of paper in a pool of water and the weight or wish dissolves, letting the weight or wish go. (This is accomplished with water soluble paper.)

We draw inspiration from work we’ve seen internationally and aim to land the show in the same artistic territory as Sleep No More and other large scale works we’ve seen abroad.

Labyrinth was originally developed at Theatre SKAM with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage Support for Workers in Live Arts and Music Sectors Fund.

Artistic Team (for 2022 preview)

Director: Matthew Payne
Dramaturgy: Laurel Green

Set Design: Catherine Hahn
Set Design Assistant: Andy Graffiti

Technical Director: Nicholas Timmenga
Sound Designer: Ariel Pretty
Lighting/Projection Designer: Don Armitage
Venue Technician: Emily Trepanier

Props and Set Assistance: Christian Tervo
Volunteer Crochet: Denise deMontreuil
Stuffed Animal Design: Maria Roborough
Skull Model Maker: Jessica Hickman
Muralist: Shawn Shepherd

Scenic Painting: Carole Klemm

Art and Set Design Assistance:
Castor Angus, Rachel MacAdam, Mary Patterson, Jacob Reeves, and Alicia Shalapata

Head Carpentry: David Haughton
Assistant Carpentry: Monica Arthurs
Technical Crew: Emily Campbell

Carpentry Crew: 
Laura Merryweather, Troy Rayner, Siena Shepard, Jay Swing, and Mya Wilson

Community Coordinator: Ashley Chodat